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Torrance, CA, us
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You may have guessed my name is Michelle. Not to shock you, but I only have 34 pins. I started collecting in 2004, live in LA, have passes to Disneyland & still only have 34 pins (Pin Pics ID Michelle-trading-for-her-kids) & no wants. It's my kids that are the pin collectors & traders (Pin Pics ID: Emma's mightyem Rachel's monkey2000). I have may fun helping them find what they love. My husband puts up with us. Read more about me on the "Roll Call" in the DizPINformation Discussion Forum the bottom of page 36 post #358. FYI my count may change now & then.
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My "Pin Story"My girl's Pins  

What I've Been Up To

I'm drinking coffee out of the mug from WDW and thinking about what a great time we had on our trip.


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Pictures of clothes I made

Dresses for our WDW trip.


My kids in their Disney nightclothes, except Jacob's Blue's Clues PJs. This could be the only Buzz Lightyear nightgown out there. The other one is Cinderella. I know there are a lot of those.
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Pictures from Disneyland

Rachel with Chip & Dale

June 26, 2009


Emma's 12th Birthday at Disneyland


My mom & her cousins in 1957


Rachel's 4th Birthday at Goofy's Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel.

Emma's 5th Birthday at the
Practically Perfect Tea in the Paradise Pier Hotel.


At Disneyland for My Mom's Birthday April 13, 2009


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